Inside: Our People

Our people drive JBT forward. Nothing happens without the commitment of our people. Health and safety, diversity and development, ethics and transparency—are the human priorities that have formed a rock-solid foundation for JBT’s long-term success.

Motivated people are a powerful force. When more than 3,200 JBT employees work together to achieve common goals, there is no limit to what can be achieved as a company.

JBT’s Global Energy Teams are an excellent example of this principle applied to CSR. Inside JBT: Our People - Energy Teams

These cross-functional teams are a mechanism to identify and implement energy savings and create a forum for sharing successes and best practices.

Led by an Energy Champion at each location, local teams assess performance, establish benchmarks, set targets, drive efforts and measure improvements.

Additionally, the teams provide a critical conduit for collaboration between our energy champions, CSR Committee, Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors.


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