The XL-Series Vacuum Filler features a unique fill principle, consisting of four filling phases: vacuum, fill, vacuum-fill and vent to atmosphere. The vacuum-fill phase ensures that any remaining air is effectively removed and replaced with liquid.

Vacuum filler principle

Here is how each of the 4 phases work:

Phase 1: Vacuum

Immediately after the container is seated against the seal pad, a vacuum is drawn on the container removing the free air and entrapped air that may exist in product cavities or pockets.

Phase 2: Fill

When the pre-vacuuming is completed, the valve is actuated to phase 2 and the product is quickly drawn into the container through the vacuum inside the container and gravity.

Phase 3: Vacuum-Fill

In this phase of operation, vacuum is again applied to the container as filing continues. This "vacuum-fill" phase assures that any remaining air is removed and replaced with liquid, getting an accurate pre-determined headspace. Any liquid drawn into the vacuum is recovered by a vertical trap tank.

Phase 4: Vent-Atmosphere

The filling and vacuum ports are closed and the container is vented and returned to atmospheric pressure.

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