Citrus Aseptic Systems


100-plus years of dedicated involvement with the food processing industry have brought JBT FoodTech the expertise that today enables us to provide the industry's widest range of in-container and in-flow processing systems, with technologies designed for flawless integration and maximum reliability, efficiency, sanitation and flexibility at every stage of the process.

With more than 2750 fillers, 3700 closers and 2600 in-container sterilization systems sold, more than 50% of the world's in-container sterilized foods are filled, closed or sterilized on JBT FoodTech equipment.

Acquired by JBT FoodTech in 1995, FranRica® has been pioneering aseptic processing since the early 1960's. JBT FoodTech's core aseptic citrus capabilities include sterilization systems, deaeration systems, deoiler systems, bag-in-drum and bin fillers, bulk storage fillers, bulk storage systems, juice blending and flavor addition, and tanker loading systems.

Core Citrus Capabilities 

  • Aseptic Sterilization Systems, including Tube-in-Shell Heat Exchangers for both NFCOJ and Pulp 
  • NFCOJ Deaeration Systems 
  • NFCOJ Deoiler Systems 
  • Aseptic Bag-in-Drum & Bin Fillers 
  • Aseptic Bulk Storage Systems 
  • Aseptic Juice Blending and Flavor Addition 
  • Aseptic Tanker Loading Systems

History in Aseptic Processing

  • FranRica® founded in 1966 by Al Rica and Lloyd Hay 
  • Aseptic Processing Experience from early 1960's 
  • Aseptic Particulate Processing Experience since 1975 
  • Developed Bulk Storage Technology in association with Purdue University and Enerfab 
  • Developed Aseptic Bag Filler in 1983 
  • Patented Dimple Tube Heat Exchangers in 1994 
  • Acquired in 1995 by JBT FoodTech

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