Rotary Pressure Sterilizer

Since 1921, more than 7500 JBT FoodTech rotary shells have been placed into production around the world and are today processing over half of the world's canned foods.

A Simple and Efficient Cooker Principle. The seamed cans enter the line from the closing machine. A  feed device delivers the cans through the infeed valve to the revolving reel of the cooker. The reel, working in conjunction with the stationary spiral, carries the cans through the cooking system (direct injection process). The continuous spiraling motion and the rotation of the can through the cylinder gives an even cook to every can. At the end of the cook process, the cans are fed, via a transfer mechanism, into the cooler unit where a similar process slowly cools them.

The latest generation of JBT FoodTech Rotary Pressure Sterilizers can handle today's light-weight, stackable cans with easy-to-open ends.

Continuous pressure cooking and cooling

  • Adapts to various food products
  • Handles a variety of container types and sizes
  • Processes metal cans at temperatures up to 278°F/135°C
  • Handles glass and plastic containers on special applications
  • Optional construction enables temperatures up to 295°F/146°C
  • Accommodates multiple process combinations of can sizes in a single unit
  • Simultaneous variable size processing i.e. One liter (Diameter 99 x 118mm, 400 x 411) and half liter cans (Diameter 73 x 110mm, 300 x 405) may be processed together

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