Citrus Surge Bin

The surge bin serves as a buffer to control and maintain an adequate fruit flow for the extraction line. The fruit is typically pulled from the surge bin into a brush washer for washing or sanitizing and is then graded again before being transported to the JBT FoodTech Citrus Extractors for juicing.

Fruit Surge Bin

The JBT FoodTech Surge Bin regulates the flow of citrus fruit to processing equipment. The fruit first passes through a series of internal baffles, allowing it to evenly distribute and gently descend to the base of the bin. An adjustable discharge gate controls the amount of fruit pulled out of the bin onto an attached withdrawal belt. Optional level sensors, located at high and low points within the surge bin, provide feedback to the control loop monitoring fruit flow rates.

Features include:

  • Bin frame is constructed of stainless steel
  • A set of four stainless steel baffles to evenly distribute and cushion the fruit entering the bin; three of these baffles can be oriented either perpendicular or parallel to the withdrawal belt, allowing the customer flexibility in the bin's internal configuration
  • An adjustable discharge gate which features a PVC roller at its base to prevent fruit from being pinched or squeezed as it exits the bin on the withdrawal belt; gate can be set at three different heights, elevations varying by 1" increments
  • Withdrawal conveyor frame composed of stainless steel and offers a choice of drive motor locations (right hand or left hand)
  • Depending upon projected fruit flows rates, the withdrawal belts are offered in two widths: 24" for smaller capacities, 48" for larger capacities
  • Power is generated by a 5 HP electric motor through a double reduction speed reducer.
  • All chains and drives are fully guarded
  • Surge bin volume is approximately 380 ft³ (10.75m³) Surge bin can hold approximately 11,000 pounds (4,990 kg) of fruit.  

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