Clean Label Marination

A Clean Label is Attainable. As consumer demand grows for a greater transparency in food recipes, an increased pressure has been put on processors to deliver a cleaner label.

In order to meet stringent recipe specifications of clients and quality standards of the end customers,  processors are facing losses in product yield, an increased product failure rate and the task of ļ¬nding new product binders acceptable by the consumer. 

To address this multi-tiered challenge, the experts at JBT have applied their vast knowledge of secondary and further processing to assemble a new solution with their Clean Label Marination System. With process optimization at  multiple phases, processors can see:

•    Increased product yields
•    Recipe alternatives with no loss in quality
•    An overall cleaner end product label

Applications in a variety of protein segments:

Poultry  |  Deli Meats  |  Red Meat  |  Fresh Pork  |  Fish

Minimize / eliminate phosphate  |  Reduce sodium  |  All natural ingredients & combined yield increase of up to 5%

To test a new product, work with an expert on a new recipe or train at our state-of-the-art facility, schedule time at JBT’s Tech Center in Sandusky, Ohio by calling 419-627-4319

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