Double D Searer/Grill Marker

The Double D Searer/Grill Marker is designed to enhance the taste and appearance of a wide range of fully cooked products. It can be used as a stand-alone process, or integrated with other Double D or Stein cooking systems.

Revoband Char Griller

The Searer function utilizes a controlled flame to impinge and sear the surface of a variety of products including but not limited to fully cooked protein items, as well as vegetables.

The Grill Marker function produces simulated grill marks which enhances the appearance of the fully cooked product.

Special Features and Benefits:
  • Air insulated stainless steel enclosure controls temperature around unit and improves operator safety and ergonomics
  • Access doors for easy cleaning 
  • Custom built with an optional number of high capacity flamewash burners
  • Fully adjustable burners and belt speed
  • Grill Marker accommodates a wide range of product heights to consistently mark products with uneven profile.
  • Durable chain edge drive stainless steel product belt
  • Water bath collects grease and product residue
  • Fire suppression system

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