Tuna Oiler/Briner

JBT FoodTech's Pre-Vacuumizing Tuna Oiler/Briner is a specially designed filler for the Tuna application. It's two-phase fill cycle ensures optimal vacuum filling of oil and brine without damaging the Tuna tablet.

Standard Features:

  • Large diameter infeed turret
  • Stepless fill volume adjustment
  • Rotary coupling
  • No-Can-No-Fill system
  • Grouped lubrication points
  • Large access panels
  • CE-compliance
  • Sanitary design
  • Stepless can height adjustment
  • Independent vacuum system
  • Adjustable headspace valve
  • Can banking
  • Safety guards
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Spring loaded lifters



  • Sanitation cover over filler infeed
  • Sanitary base
  • Wash-in-place (W.I.P.) 
  • Automatic grease lubrication
  • Independent frequency drive
  • Container counter
  • Heating coil
  • Line control
  • Synchronization with closer
  • Quick change parts 
  • Automatic one-point headspace adjustment

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