Fresh'n Squeeze® Medals Program

Looking for ways to increase the profitability of your juice program and extend the life of your Fresh'n Squeeze® Juicer investment? The JBT Medals Program offers 3 options to ensure your Fresh'n Squeezeâ„¢ Juicer is performing at maximum efficiency and delivering maximum profitability to your fresh squeezed juice program: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Bronze Package | JBT Medals Program The Bronze Package offers a spare parts kit that includes the necessary components to maintain your juicer. The cutter assembly and orifice tube are included along with supply of cleaner and a set of cleaning tools.

The Silver Package | JBT Medals Program The Silver Package includes our preventive maintenance package with service provided at your location by our factory trained service technicians along with a new on-off motor starter switch, splash guards and all Bronze package components.

The Gold Package | JBT Medals Program The Gold Package includes a complete bearing and bushing overhaul. This work will be performed at JBT Lakeland where the OEM assembly team will overhaul the drive system on your juicer. This offer includes all parts from the Bronze and Silver packages as well as the bearing overhaul components. Customer juicers will need to be shipped to our factory in Lakeland, FL.

Protect your fresh juice program investment with the JBT Medals Program.

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