Crust Freezing

THIN MEAT | MIDDLE MEAT | BONE-IN MEAT - Impingement freezing stabilizes product substrates allowing for cleaner more precise cuts at the slicing and portioning stages.

Frigoscandia ADVANTEC™ 1250, 1850 & Compact Chiller (CC)

A fully modular, linear impingement freezing system with double vertical high velocity impingement airflow configuration.

IMPROVE EFFICIENCY- Cost-effectively surface stabilize and rapidly chill product up to 200 mm thick - Improve throughput, yield and hygiene in slicing and portioning operations 

SUPERIOR QUALITY- Preserve product shape and appearance without wrinkling or deformation through freezing zone - Assure taste and texture




Available with one-to-four modules – Quickly and easily expand production capacity or reconfigure or relocate your processing layout

Increase throughput – Direct airflow over the product allows  the belt to be loaded up to 90%

Improve hygiene – An integrated wash down system and full visual inspection of all surfaces eliminates the  risk of unseen hygiene hazards

Reduce downtime – Frost management/extended run time package available 

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