Stein JSO-IV Jet Stream® Impingement Oven

The Stein JSO-IV Jet Stream® Oven is the most versatile high velocity impingement oven in the Jet Stream family. Featuring VAPoRJET® technology, the JSO-IV oven incorporates the benefits of thermal fluid heating, high velocity vertical impingement airflow, and condensational heating.

JSO-IV Jet Stream Oven

The JSO-IV delivers extremely fast heat transfer rates, excellent color development, and the highest possible product yield of any impingement style linear oven.

Key Features:

  • Patented floor cooling system to prevent burning of product residue on oven floor
  • Two variable speed (VFD) high efficiency plug fans for air circulation
  • Automatic hood lift system
  • Two temperature zones
  • 22 ft. long modular box design

Unmatched Cooking Performance

  • Automatic steam control using patented Humitrol™ technology ensures constant moisture content in cook zone for consistent cooking results
  • Superior oven atmosphere containment system using a water seal between tank and hood to maintain high moisture content in oven box at high fan speeds for the highest cook yields
  • Less than ± 2°F (1°C) cross-belt air temperature variation for uniform side to side cooking results
  • Infeed steam chamber for MultiPhase™ cooking to optimize results

Process Flexibility

  • Adjustable impingement plenum height to accommodate products from 2” to 6” high
  • Fully adjustable top and bottom airflow
  • Variety of main product belts available from standard Flat-Flex to chain edge mesh Cook with steam only mode or a combination of steam and heated air temperatures up to 450°F (232°C) for the optimum cooking result

Hygiene & Sanitation

  • Fully automatic Clean-in-Place (CIP) System
  • Clam-shell style hood design permits easy inspection and access for secondary cleaning of internal components, if needed
  • Fully removable air impingement nozzle plates
  • Continuous belt wash system

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