Heat Exchangers in various configurations

Aseptic processing systems provide Heat Exchangers in various configurations including product hold and process controls to assure that critical temperatures and hold times are met. System programming function on a PLC for ultimate critical control point ultimate monitoring/alarm/control.
They are available in five design: Sterideal® QT (Quad Tube Design), Sterideal® DT (Dimple Tube), Sterideal® TS (Tube-in-Shell),  Sterideal® DR (Direct Regeneration) and Sterideal® Coil and SteriTwin-Coil™ and can be manufactured from different construction materials from 316L to special alloy. Different tube diameters are available depending on the design specification (capacity, speed, thermal cycle, pressure drop, etc.).

 JBT Ohmic heating of foodstuff is the application of high voltage to the product flowing inside an aseptic sterilizer. The liquid food reacts as an electric resistance and generates heat by the Joule effect. The higher the voltage and the food electrical conductivity, the higher and faster the delta temperature achieved. The major advantage of ohmic heating is obtained in dice processing: the product quality is better compared to standard heating technologies since the centre of the dice is heated at the same velocity as the liquid carrier, so preventing parts of the product from overheating.
• Thermo sensible products
The Sterideal® QT (Quad Tube Design) is for high viscous and concentrated products. Heat transfer effectively occurs from both sides. Scientifically disposed fins inside the annular space act as static mixer, to ensure a more uniform and effective heat exchange by convection also at low product speed. This enables the processing of highly  viscous products with high concentration and high pulp and fiber content, compared to standard concentric tubular design.  
Sterideal® DT (Dimple Tube), JBT’s patent, is for low viscous and diced particulate products (diced fruit and vegetables, mushroom pieces, etc). It takes advantage of a unique inner tube design that incorporates smooth interruptions on the internal surface to gently agitate product with minimal abrasion and shearing. Provides enhanced heating, cooling and drainage advantages, the product turbulence created by the dimple tube design improves heat transfer by interrupting the laminar flow.  
This type of Heat exchangers offers: enhanced drainage; 3-A compliant design insures no residual products or CIP chemicals remain after cleanup; reliable temperature control, extended operation and easy to clean and turbulent flow design enhance low speed heat transfer.
The Dimple Tube design is available in double tube, triple tube and tube-in-shell configuration for low- and high-acid products, to handle both homogenous and particulate products.
Sterideal® TS (Tube-in-Shell): ideal for heating or cooling low viscosity products or particulates.
Consists of smaller diameter dimple tubes set in parallel within a larger diameter outer manifold or shell pipe. Because of the number of tubes within a shell, this design maximizes the heat exchange surface in a given volumetric space. This kind of exchanger is ideal for heating or cooling low viscosity or particulate products.
Sterideal® DR (Direct Regeneration): for low viscosity products. It offers high Regen Efficiency. The hot fluid stores the thermal energy in the matrix, then during the cold fluid flow through the same passage at a later time, the stored energy will be extracted from the matrix, transferring almost all the relative thermal power from one media to the other. It yields considerable energy savings, since most of the thermal power is reclaimed. Only a small amount of extra thermal heat energy needs to be added at the hot end and goes lost at the cold end, even to maintain high temperatures.


Sterideal® Coil and SteriTwin-Coil™: Expands the capacity of conventional linear heat exchangers by adding the Dean effect which boosts the thermal exchange per unit of surface.
The typical spiral shape allows minimum footprint and excellent plant configuration.


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