The XL-Series Unifiller's unique design make it an ideal filler for products where filling accuracy is important. Here are a couple of advantages that make our Unifiller so special.

Fill accuracy: 

  • The heavy duty Waukesha stainless steel alloy of the XL-Series Unifiller ensures a consistent fill volume, even after many years of operation. 
  • Due to the absence of seals, any air entrapped in the product can easily escape between piston and cylinder.
  • Short product path and large port opening between cylinder and bowl means that a minimal amount of residual product drips at the end of the fill.
  • This means that consistent filling volumes can be acheived with standard deviations as low as 0.02 oz. This also translates into less product loss, reduced spillage, consistant headspace for trouble-free in-container sterilization, consistent vacuum or gas composition after steam or inert gas flushing.

Automatic clean-in-place system (CIP): 

  • The Unifiller can be delivered with a turnkey automatic CIP (clean-in-place) system.
  • Thanks to the stainless steel base plate with collection system, the product and cleaning fluids stay within the filler area and are safely collected.
  • The self-draining fill station design allows product and cleaning fluids to be drained automatically from fill station and fill bowl, without manual disassembly.
  • Fully integrated PLC control system with LCD screen for the CIP cycle. 
  • CIP means fast product change-over, minimum down time for cleaning, reduced labor costs and efficient use of utilities and chemicals.

Product Flexibility:

  • Not only does the large product bowl allow high fill accuracy, it also means that our Unifiller can handle a wide range of producrts.
  • Furthermore, we have developped application specific, easily exchangeable nozzle plates including for high viscosity products such as pet-food. 

High fill temperatures:

  • The unique concept of JBT FoodTech's Unifiller: sealless piston design, only metal-to-metal contact and high accuracy machined parts allows for fill temperatures up to 98°c.

Easy and reliable operation:

  • In-motion infinite volume adjustment.
  • Automatic volume adjustment available on request

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