Fresh'n Squeeze® Point-of-Sale Juicers

The ultimate foodservice image builder, the Fresh'n Squeeze® Citrus Juicer from JBT provides freshly squeezed orange juice in view of your customers fresh everyday.


Fresh'n Squeeze Multi-Fruit Juicer | JBT



Citrus Juicer - Fresh'n Squeeze | JBT


 Produce Plus Juicer - Fresh'n Squeeze| JBT

JBT - Citrus Systems is recognized around the world as supplying the best possible juicers for the food service industry.

The Citrus Juicer and Multi-Fruit Juicer are the preferred choices of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and juice bars. Globally recognized as producing the sweetest juice with the lowest levels of citrus peel oil and highest yields, Fresh'n Squeeze® Point-of-Sales juicers are the ultimate foodservice image builders by providing freshly squeezed juice made in view of your customers every day.


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