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Baby food is food that is given to infants between the ages of four months to two years. Baby food is designed for easy eating and is generally a soft or liquid paste that can be easily chewed.

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Commercial baby food shouldn't be confused with infant formula. Infant formula is an artificial substitute for human breast milk. Baby food doesn't contain any added salt as babies' kidneys are not ready for salt. When the baby is able to chew, some small chunks may be added to help him get accustomed to chewing. In the western world, baby food was typically made at home until the mid 1900s. The industrial revolution introduced baby food as a convenience item. Today many companies have introduced organic baby food as well. Because of the viscous nature of baby food, it is cumbersome to process. JBT FoodTech has developed the ideal equipment to fill, close and sterilize all of your baby food products.

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