Hydromatic Sterilizer

Hydromatic - Continuous Hydrostatic Sterilizer

The Hydromatic continuous sterilizer consists of four or more towers or “legs”, each with a height of up to twenty meters. The first leg serves as a preheating section, in which a hydrostatic column serves as an inlet lock. The second tower comprises the sterilizing section, where the product is heated to the requisite sterilization temperature with the help of steam or superheated water. After leaving the sterilizing section, the product carrier ascends through the hydrostatic cooling leg. With the pressure gradually decreasing and the product gradually cooling, spray water jets provide additional cooling. Finally, the cooling cycle is completed in the fourth tower at atmospheric pressure.

The hydrostatic principle:

Hydromatic sterilizers operate on the hydrostatic principle, with the pressure of saturated steam in the sterilizing zone (red) balancing the weight of two water columns (green) adjacent to the sterilizing zone. The sterilization temperature is directly related to the pressure of the saturated steam. By varying the pressure, the temperature can be controlled. The product containers are conveyed through the machine in carriers fitted between two endless stainless steel chains. An automatic loading and unloading system brings the containers in and out of the carriers. The chain speed is determined by the required sterilization time, and can be varied as needed.

Hydromatic sterilizers are built to customer specification based on a basic modular system. This allows for a variety of executions like:

  • Super still cook for sensitive products
  • Still cook for high speed container processing
  • Rocking movement for products that have a tendency for burn on
  • Axial rotation for product needing agitation during sterilization and cooling
  • End over end rotation for very viscous products
  • Over pressure for containers/closures needing counter pressure to prevent deformation or leaking

The main advantages of the Hydromatic continuous sterilizer are:

  • Very low energy consumption
  • Little floor space required thanks to vertical construction
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Uniformly consistent process for best product quality
  • Environmentally friendly and clean
  • Advanced control system (FDA approved)
  • High reliability and efficiency

Hydromatics are available in either container-dedicated or super-flexible execution and come in speeds ranging to 2000 containers per minute.

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