Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer

The GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer is the latest in our range of spiral freezers. It replaces the GYRoCOMPACT M6 and Classic 600 Spiral Freezers, but retains all the best Frigsocandia technology, including the FRIGoBELT® Nova self-stacking belt which can come with a 10-year warranty. It’s also much more compact and offers an amazing 65% reduction in drive power compared to the previous generation.

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 60 Spiral Freezer


Other new features and benefits on the GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer include:

  • Stronger, even more reliable design
  • Smaller footprint
  • New design of the outfeed drive eliminates need for a gearbox, thereby eliminating synchronisation issues
  • New automatic lubrication system lowers normal consumption by approximately 20%
  • New higher efficiency fans provide lower energy consumption and base load
  • Highly efficient stainless steel evaporators enhance heat transfer rates and reduce energy load
  • New PRoLINK™ user-friendly control panel
  • High capacity and hygiene without compromising plant space

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