Stein Ultra V™ Batter Mixer

The ultimate in batter mixing performance and reliability

Stein Ultra V™ Batter Mixer

If you want the versatility and convenience of a simple mixer design, the Stein Ultra V™ Batter Mixer is for you.  It simplifies the flexibility of batch mixing with semi-automated features, for a wide range of batters.


  • Flexible - mixes standard batters as well as light tempura
  • Thorough mixing
  • Choice of push-button controls or touch-screen display (optional) with water quantity and mix time selectors
  • Open frame design
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Quick product change-over
  • Minimal parts removal for cleaning
  • Independent drive - mixer and pump
  • 3-way valve
  • Safety protocols
  • Metric design

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