Citrus Extraction

The heart and soul of any citrus processing plant, as well as JBT FoodTech’s product line, is the citrus extractor.

The remarkable JBT FoodTech citrus extractor has been designated as an American Society of Mechanical Engineering Historical Landmark because of its technological superiority and contribution to citrus processors worldwide. Of course to achieve historical landmark status and maintain global leadership, JBT FoodTech invests heavily in providing the most advanced citrus processing technology available in the market today.

Our focused teams of engineering and research and development personnel constantly update the JBT FoodTech product line to ensure we deliver equipment and systems that add the highest value to our customers. The latest example is our new XXX extractor, by increasing product yields and quality, and lowering overall processing costs, our technology delivers true competitive advantage to its customers.

To support our customers and continue building our base of expertise, JBT FoodTech operates pilot plant facilities in California, Florida, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. We continually strive to ensure that we provide the appropriate solutions to meet regional business requirements.

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