Quicker freezing - shorter dwell time

Designed for reliability

We originally developed LVS Refrigeration in the 1990s to match the evaporator temperature requirements of our revolutionary impingement freezing technology. To achieve this, our engineers tackled the three major problems facing traditional systems: high pressure drop in the wet return line, pump reliability, and large refrigerant charges. What they achieved was an integrated unit that:

  • allows low-pressure drop dry suction lines from the freezer’s evaporator. Pressure drop is equally low in vertical and horizontal lines, which ensures a greater flexibility in plant layout.
  • eliminates refrigerant pumps, but maintains high refrigerant recirculation rates.
  • has a dry return which eliminates the liquid build-up problems that often cause temperature fluctuations and liquid distribution problems in traditional systems
  • is environment-friendly. The LVS uses smaller quantities of environmentally safe refrigerants such as NH3 or CO2.

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