Double D Rack Oven

The Double D Rack Oven is an extremely versatile convection batch oven that provides excellent, consistent results across a wide range of products from breakfast to confectionery items.

Double D Revorack Baking Oven

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Special air flow and rotating turntable rack system
    • Provides consistent cooking and color development results across each tray and from top to bottom on the rack.
  • Available in a range of sizes from single rack up to 10 rack capacity.
    • Meets a wide range of production requirements
  • Custom built to suit any rack or tray size
    • Adaptable to a variety of existing processes and production needs
  • Option natural gas, LPG, oil, or electric heat source
    • Adds flexibility and process efficiency
  • High capacity burners and heat exchangers
    • Provides maximum heat to reach operating temperatures quickly and rapid heat recovery after reloading.
  • Cast iron steam generator
    • Provides abundant steam enhance cooking results
  • Programmable controller controls time, temperature, steaming, fan delay and venting for up to 99 different programs
    • Ensures consistent results batch after batch

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