Ready Meals, Soups and Sauces

Today ready meals, soups and sauces are replacing standard home-cooked meals. People are living increasingly hectic lifestyles, working hours are replacing free time, families are smaller, women are working as much as men, all of these trends have increased the need for convenience foods.

Ready meals

Ready Meals:

The term ready meal originally referred to a frozen or chilled meal that comes in an individual package, contains all the elements of a single-serving meal, and requires little preparation. Today, any prepared dish, frozen, canned or chilled that requires little preparation is called a ready meal. Premium and health qualities of products are the two major drivers of the market given the price premium paid for convenience. Ready meals come in a variety of sizes and forms and can be packaged in aluminum trays, metal cans, plastic containers, paperboard containers and many more. JBT FoodTech has developed a wide range of food processing equipment and expertise and can assist you with the processing of any kind of ready made meal you can think of.


Soup is made by combining meat or vegetables in boiling water until the flavor is extracted, forming a broth. Many types of soups can be found, clear soups, thick soups, bouillons, consommés, bisques and veloutés. Commercial soup became popular in the 1900s with the invention of canning. Soups can sometimes contain particles which can complicate the processing of the product.  


A sauce is a viscous mix used in preparing foods. They are not consumed by themselves but add flavor, moisture or visual appeal to other recipes. Today there is no limit to the imagination of food processors and many new types of sauces are created every day. Traditional sauces include béchamel (milk and flour), tomato sauce, gravy, mustard, custard, soy sauce, béarnaise, mayonnaise and many more.

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