Stein ProMIX™ Automatic Batter Mixer and Viscosity Control

The Stein ProMix™ Automatic Batter Mixer and viscosity control machine is designed mixing and maintaining adjustable mix ratios for conventional "non-Leavened" and lightly leavened Tempura Style batters and recirculating mixed batter to batter applicators.

The Stein ProMIX™ mixes a wide variety of conventional batters and delivers them to multiple styles of batter applicators. One ProMIX™ unit can be used to simultaneously mix and recirculate batter for multiple batter applicators.

    ● Proportions and mixes up to 3,000 lbs (1,400 kg) of batter per hour
    ● Recirculates and mixes to a predetermined viscosity or mix ration
    ● Automatically maintains precise batter consistency
    ● Easy to operate and clean 

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