R&D project funded by the region Emilia Romagna

JBT has started in 2016 an R&D project to expand his knowledge on Ohmic technology to sterilize liquid foodstuff. In late summer 2016 we have installed in our pilot plant in Parma an Ohmic sterilizer with a 90.000 kcal/hour capacity equivalent to a flow-rate of 1500 l/h and a delta Temperature of 60°C. This R&D project has been funded by the region Emilia Romagna through a project called POR-FESR 2014-2020. JBT participated and won the funding of the  project at the beginning of 2016. Some important criteria that allowed us to won this funding was the stabilization of two young researchers in the R&D department and the collaboration with two important institutes for Food research in Parma: SSICA and the University of Parma.
The Ohmic unit has been using for some months to sterilize juices, fruit puree and food sauces with and without dices. Many comparative tests have already been done with other systems installed in JBT pilot plant, as conventional sterilization equipment and Radiofrequency technology. We will continue for all the 2017 to test the unit with different products and we have already started the commercial introduction of this technology in JBT portfolio. In particular we believe that product with dices (fruit and sauces) are really better treated with Ohmic technology compared to the standard heating systems.

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