Inside: Our Processes

Across the business and throughout JBT’s history, we have always looked for opportunities to operate more efficiently. From manufacturing processes to facilities energy efficiency, our focus is to minimize energy consumption, natural resource usage and emissions while maximizing recycling and more.

In recent years, we have begun tying these efforts to environmental benefits, starting with the formation of a CSR committee.

Inside JBT: Our Processes

A key element of our CSR strategy is to facilitate communication of process improvements across the businesses and to celebrate successes.

In 2012 we conducted our inaugural Global Energy Forum, a firm-wide online meeting where case studies were presented and standout performers were recognized with JBT’s annual Environmental Excellence Awards.

We continue learning and identifying top opportunities for improvement through conducting energy assessments at our facilities around the world. 

A few examples of recent process successes include:

  • 26% energy consumption reduction. JBT’s Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) plant in Chalfont, PA, has undertaken multiple business initiatives to reduce their electricity and gas usage.
  • Water usage reduction of 65%. JBT FoodTech’s Lakeland, FL and Riverside, CA, facilities, installed closed loop water chiller technology that eliminated waste water discharge and reduced water consumption. 
  • 33% reduction of volatile organic compound and hazardous air pollutant emissions. JBT AeroTech Orlando’s innovative process change reduced their usage of primer coatings in certain applications, cutting the facility’s emissions. 
  • 80% reduction in cleaning agent use. JBT FoodTech’s Sint Niklaas, Belgium facility has pursued a comprehensive CSR strategy which has included the usage of renewable energy, retrofits lighting, energy-efficient roofing, rainwater collection and utilization of environmentally friendly cleaning materials.

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