Depending on your application you may want a slow or faster filling process. This is how our Tuna Oiler/Briner lets you adapt your filling process according to your needs.

Vacuum filler principle

Just like the vacuum filler, the operating principle of the pre-vacuumizing tuna oiler/briner consists of four main steps:

Phase 1: Atmospheric cycle

In this step the container is brought into contact with the valve and in order to seal the headspace.

Phase 2: Vacuum cycle

Once the container is sealed a vacuum is applied, this speeds up the filling process.

Phase 3: Fill cycle

In this phase the valve is brought into contact with the bowl. At this point your filling can take place. The initial filling cycle is called "slow". This is because no vacuum is applied.

Phase 4: Vacuum-fill cycle

After this the container goes through a "fast" cycle where the application of a second vacuum reinstates a pressure difference allowing once again for faster speeds.
The run-off cycle allows the excess product to drip off the nozzle and the venting cycle reinstalls atmospheric pressure in the container.

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