The Advantages

The patented SuperCONTACT® contact freezer is a new, mechanical refrigeration freezing concept for quick-freezing the surface of a wide range of delicate food products.

Quality – The SuperCONTACT crust freezer literally keeps your products in shape, delivering the appearance you intended, without sticking, without deformation, without drip loss and without belt marks.

Speed – It takes just one minute to freeze the bottom surface to a depth of one millimeter. That millimeter not only assures the shape of sensitive products, it cuts the dwell time in the spiral or other finish freezer, thus boosting capacity as well.

Hygiene – Your product touches nothing but the film, ensuring impeccable hygiene. Used film is automatically rolled up for disposal. Product hygiene is perfect and freezer hygiene is perfect. Due to the crusted bottom surface of the product, there will be no dripping inside the finish freezer, increasing the hygiene level dramatically.

Yield – Moisture on the product underside is sealed to the product while on the film. Drip losses are almost 0 %. Even the drip losses when the product is thawed are dramatically reduced.

Convenience – The SuperCONTACT crust freezer is basically self-defrosting – frost and ice never get in contact with the freezer itself. And you no longer have to manually or mechanically shape products prior to freezing.

Cost-efficiency – You boost your line capacity, cut product weight loss, cut product damage and cut energy costs. There’s almost no downtime for defrosting and cleaning. And, the disposable hygienic film is a commodity with negligible cost per processed unit.

Flexibility – The SuperCONTACT crust freezer enables high-volume production of even the most shape-sensitive and sticky products. Additionally, by adding an optional top airblast section, products can be crust-frozen over their entire surface. This allows them to be stacked without sticking to each other, boosting capacity even further.

User-friendliness – The SuperCONTACT crust freezer is simple to operate and easy to maintain. You have easy access to all parts of the freezer, and there’s almost no cleaning and defrosting


















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