Loading and Unloading Systems

Loading and unloading systems differ according to the package they have to handle. No matter what type of container you process, JBT FoodTech has the solution for you.

Handling for Rigid Containers:

Rigid containers have a stable shape, can support an external load and accommodate a fair pressure difference. They can be handled fairly easily and can be picked up, accumulated or put in a single file.

  • Manual:

Material handling for rigid containers is usually carried out with an accumulation table used together with hydraulic or scissors lift. Layerpads are handled manually: the layers are pushed by the operator. Speeds of 1 to 1.5 layers per minute can be achieved.

  • Semi-automatic:

In this case layers are formed automatically but the layerpad handling is manual. Speeds of 2 to 2.5 layers per minute can be achieved.

  • Automatic:

Layers are formed automatically by a scissors lift. Layerpads are transfered and handled automatically. Loading and unloading are completely integrated with joint transfer of empty baskets and layerpads. Speeds of 3 to 4 layers per minute are achieved.

Handling for Flexible Packaging:

These containers can be semi rigid to fully flexible. They have limited capacity to support external loads and can accommodate only little pressure differences during processing. Furthermore these containers are fragile and extra care should be taken. Their handling is therefore difficult as they cannot be accumulated and are more complicated to pick up.

  • Manual:

Packages are individually placed by the operator on a loading table.  Tray handling: stacking and destacking is manual. Achieved speeds are 1 to 2 trays per minute.

  • Semi-automatic:

In this case the tray handling is automatic, and pouch handling manual. In some cases, specific equipment can facilitate manual handling: vacuum grippers, lifts and simple tray stacking/destacking mechanisms.

  • Automatic:

Tray stacking/destacking and pouch handling is automatic. Specially designed systems can adequately space and align packages. Pick-up of packages is done by vacuum suction cups, mechanical grippers and differential pressure grippers. Pallets and trays are automatically conveyed between loader and unloader.

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