Bin Scrubber System

With increasing scrutiny on food safety, JBT FoodTech introduces a Bin Scrubber System aimed at better cleaning of field bins.  JBT's Bin Scrubber System is unique in its ability to physically scrub bins leaving them cleaner than bins done by hand or other competing systems that only use high pressure water.

This patent-pending bin scrubber system is 100% programmable logic controlled and is designed for use on plastic and wood bins.  Field bins are delivered to the scrubber on an automatic line.  A cradle elevates and tips the bin unto a brush head that spins and scrubs difficult to reach surfaces and corners while high pressure nozzles spray the exterior of the bin clean.  The result is consistently cleaner bins and long-term utility costs savings because the sytems uses recycle chlorinated water.

Click on "Bin Scrubber System Video" to the bottom right to view a Bin Scrubber System in operation.

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