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» Solutions » 产品与服务 » Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer

The new Frigoscandia® GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer has evolved from one of JBT's best selling products, the GYRoCOMPACT Classic 400 Spiral Freezer, which has sold over 1,100 units across the world. This latest technology replaces the outdated wagon drive system with the company's patented FRIGoDRIVE® system providing a number of benefits. These include 30% faster belt speeds, lower running costs and advanced hygiene features.

Features and benefits on the GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer include:

  • Unique FRIGoBELT® NOVA self-stacking belt
    • Self-stacking belt forms closed freezing zone
    • Improved belt with stronger side-link design  
    • Highest reliability through improved interlocking
    • Less wear and increased belt life

  • FRIGoDRIVE® system
    • Replaces outdated wagon drive system
    • Removes the need for a centre drum
    • No support or rails to cause jamming
    • 30% faster belt speeds

  • Increased capacity on small footprint
    • Capable of freezing up to 1,000 kgs of product per hour
    • 35% to 40% higher capacity than any similar competitor model
    • Can be shipped as one single piece of equipment
    • Ideal for transition from cryogenic to mechanical freezing

  • Unrivaled energy efficiency
    • Freezer power consumption from 5 kW
    • Highest possible rate of heat transfer
    • No risk of products being moved by horizontal airflow
    • Short freezing times, low dehydration, maximised product quality
  • Hygiene-by-Design
    • Self-contained product freezing zone
    • No stationary parts to complicate cleaning
    • Open profile design minimises dirt traps
    • Optional blue plastic on glide strips

  • Low running costs
    • Reduced power consumption from previous model
    • Simplified outfeed means less maintenance and belt wear
    • 30% - 40% lower oil consumption
    • Belt take-up provides longer belt life

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