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» Solutions » 产品与服务 » TVI GMS 500 Singlecut

TVI GMS 500 Singlecut

The GMS 500 slices almost all types of red meat with accuracy and high yield. It features up to 12 different cavities for different products usable without the need of any change over. Each portion is cut to the exact same weight, size and shape. Slices can be discharged individually, batched up or shingled depending on your needs and are ready for automatic tray filling if a complete automated solution is desired. Minimal trim cuts can be separately discharged. The system is easy to setup and operate. Labor and energy costs are reduced to a minimum.

Various Applications


Small and medium sized meat producs: cutlets, steaks, minute steaks

Frozen meat products: neck and loin steaks

Bone-in meat products: pork loin and neck chops, lamb cutlet

Cooked or smoked meat products: Kassler (smoked pork loin) bone-in/boneless

Large pieces of meat: rolls, rolled barbecue belly strips

Cubes and Strips: stew meat, meat strips


Operating Method


One or multiple pieces of meat are filled into the cavity of the mold revolver

The cavity then rotates towards the cutting position

The meat is perfectly formed and pressed in longitudinal direction

The GMS 500 then portions the first slice in wasteless mode or if required with a minimum trim

The piston indexes to the next slice thickness and the next cut is made continuously

After the last cut the mold-revolver indexes quickly for the next cycle

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