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Frigoscandia | Stein | DSI | Double D | Formcook

This newsletter will update you on PRoCARE® and the success our customer Marlow Foods in UK have had with it. We are also presenting our new Equipment Upgrade Kit Fan Speed Control to help food processors improve energy efficiencies and maintain competitive advantage.


PRoCARE® Service Agreement keep Marlow Foods' production running at its best

Keeping production running without disruption is key to a successful business. Loss of production means loss of sales - and therefore less profit. With a market leading product and business Marlow Foods' production uptime is critical to both sales and profit.

Prior to 2011 Marlow Foods production lines suffered frequent unplanned breakdowns, resulting in equipment that didn't deliver to its potential capacity. The company needed to increase the efficiency of the production lines by replacing their local service partner with one who could successfully secure equipment performance.

JBT Food Tech offered the perfect solution: the PRoCARE service agreement.
Marlow Foods' Engineering Manager Malcolm Mitchell says, "PRoCARE is a top level deal, and it has been a success for us."

To read the full story article please click here.



With PRoCARE® you get a good night's sleep

PRoCARE is about making sure your equipment and production performs to the optimum level, while minimizing unplanned downtime. It's a maintenance and operational partnership, which helps you to implement planned maintenance budgets that will save you money in the long-term.

Smart, purposeful and timely inspections are at the core of effective preventative maintenance.

While you focus on growing your production and business JBT FoodTech will keep your equipment running at its best.

PRoCARE® Service Level Overview

Proactive inspections
Food-grade Formula™ lubricants
Priority technical phone support
Emergency service
Spare parts discount
Service book
Extended belt & drive system pro-rata warranty  (Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT®)

Includes all level 1 services, plus:

Regular overhaul - supervision and parts
Emergency parts on local stock
Original wear parts
Training program for your staff

For more information about PRoCARE go to:


Reduce Your Energy Use while Optimizing Your Production

We take your Frigoscandia freezer to the next level

JBT FoodTech can now offer you an Fan Speed Control Kit to help you reduce and control your power consumption while providing optimal product freezing conditions for each product.

With an Fan Speed Control Kit from JBT FoodTech you can:

Reduce your fan power consumption by up to 50%
Receive ideal product outfeed temperatures
Create customized recipes for all types of products
Substantially reduce fan-related noise levels

The upgrade kit comes as a complete package of components tailored to your specific needs. Please click here to learn more about JBT FoodTech's Fan Speed Control Kit.

Please click here to learn more about JBT FoodTech’s Fan Speed Control Kit.

To find out if your freezer is suitable for the Fan Speed Control Kit, please contact your local sales or service representative at JBT FoodTech for further information. 


Service & Customer Support

Our service and customer support includes not just direct access to spare parts inventory and skilled service technicians, but also upgrade kits, secondhand, refurbished equipment that can take your original equipment to the next level.

To meet your expectations in terms of equipment performance and productivity we have further designed a wide range of upgrade kits that improve your original equipment's production capacity, flexibility, operating safety and quality. Share with us your production vision and we will help you reaching it.

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